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General Policies

The Athletic Training Room is the medical facility dedicated to prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries to our interscholastic athletes. It is not a lounge or student hangout.

All injuries or illnesses should be reported to the Athletic Training Room no later than 7:00 AM the following day. If possible, report the injury/illness immediately to the licensed athletic trainer. If the athletes do not report your illness/injury in the morning, they will be assumed to be ready for full participation that afternoon.

Any athletes desiring to be taped for participation should be involved in a daily rehabilitation routine. Taping does not add to their strength, flexibility, or endurance, and the stability of taping is much less than that gained through a rehabilitation program. If an athlete is to be taped, it is their responsibility to finish their prescribed routine prior to being taped.

It is an athlete’s responsibility to complete the assigned treatment plan for your injuries on a daily basis until released by the licensed athletic trainer. All treatment, including rehab, must be completed in the Athletic Training Room. Absences will be reported to the Licensed Athletic Trainers as well as the Head Coach.

Under no circumstances are athletes to treat themselves. Someone on the athletic training staff will supervise their program and will make any changes as necessary.

The Athletic Training Room will be open at least 1 hour prior to a practice or game and 30 minutes afterwards. Regular Athletic Training Room hours will be posted each semester as well.

All physician appointments should be scheduled through the Athletic Training Room. If one of our team physicians is not covered by an athlete’s particular insurance policy, we will assist them in getting a referral to a physician who is covered by their plan.

The Team Physician is the final authority concerning an athlete's participation status following an injury or illness. In the absence of the Team Physician, the licensed athletic trainer (LAT) will make that decision.