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  • ...earn additional credits to get ahead?

The first question you need to ask yourself when considering getting ahead in credits is: Why? {What's the purpose for getting ahead?}

If the answer to that question is to graduate early, then you need to be prepared to work extra hard both in school and after school. That's because you will need to earn anywhere from 3.5 to 7 extra credits in order to graduate early. Those extra credits will have to be earned either through summer school or during your free time (after school and weekends). All work will be completed on your own and on a computer. In addition to giving up your free time, you will need to be prepared to pay for the additional credits you want to earn. If this sounds like a good and reasonable plan for your situation, then it's time to see your counselor. Stop by soon!

If the answer to that question is so you can have off periods during your senior year, then there's an easier way to reach that goal: pass all your classes during the school year. It's that simple! Just by doing the work you are already doing, you will earn off periods! Pretty cool, right?

Have another answer to that question? Set up a meeting with your counselor to discuss your options.


  • ...get letters of recommendation?

Letters of recommendation are used to supplement an application to college, an internship, a summer program or even a job application. These letters should be written by adults who know you, your strengths (and weaknesses) and can help school or office personnel get to know what makes you a good fit for their program. The spring of your Junior year is the time to start thinking about who you will ask to write a letter on your behalf for college applications: a coach, respected teacher, community professional? The possibilities are endless!

Complete the Senior Profile Sheet to help organize your thoughts and highlight your greatest accomplishments. Save it to your computer and start filling it out now so it's ready to hand over to your chosen recommenders. Your senior profile must be typed.


  • ...find a club to join?

Colleges are looking for well-balanced students! That means you should get involved in something FUN. Here's a complete list of all the great clubs students have started at PHS. Can't find one you're interested in? Start one of your own!! Stop by the counselors suite for more information on how to do that.


  • ...get a Verification of Enrollment (VOE) form?

A verification of enrollment (VOE) form provides documentation of enrollment and attendance status for a student applying for a learner’s license and/or a license to operate a motor vehicle. You will need to take a completed VOE form to the Texas Department of Public Safety when you apply for a permit. You can get a VOE form from the school receptionist, Mrs. LaPoint.


  • to my counselor?

There are lots of ways to see your counselor. Although we might not be immediately available, we will definitely get back to you if you let us know you need us!  

* Come by the counselor suite (with a pass! or during lunch) to see if your counselor is available at that time.

* If your counselor is not in, scan the QR code in the office to send your counselor a message to let her know what you need to talk about. Be sure to leave a valid email address because the answer to your question may come by email.

There are lots of ways to see your counselor. Although we might not be immediately available, we will definitely get back to you if you let us know you need us! 


  • ...figure out what I want to do in the future?

There's a process to figuring out what to do in the future...think of it as a marathon, rather than a sprint! With each passing year, you'll learn more about yourself (interests, strengths/weaknesses, dislikes) and your place in the world (purpose). As time passes and you discover what makes you feel fulfilled, your ultimate passion will emerge. Until that "day", a good way to move the process along is to explore everything you're curious about. One way to narrow your choices is to take an interest inventory, which will help you assess what you're most interested in at this point in time. We have several resources listed on our College Readiness page. Start your research there...the sky's the limit!!


  • ...find contact information for my teachers?

It's pretty easy to get in contact with your teachers! :) Start from the school's main website, then click on the Faculty tab. Simply locate your teacher (listed in alphabetical order by last name) and click on the link to their personalized web page. (If your teacher does not have that info listed yet, you can contact your counselor for further information.)


  • ...log in to Skyward to check my (student's) grades?

Here's a step-by-step explanation for accessing your (student's) grades. 


  • ...set up a lunch account?

Go to Pearland ISD's Food Service homepage to find all the information you need to set up and add money to a lunch account on SchoolCafé (! (This is where you'll find information about Free and Reduced Meals also.)


  • ...change my schedule?

Refer to the Schedule Change Policy on page 12 of the Course Selection Handbook.


  • ...transfer to PACE?

If you are interested in transferring to PACE, you will need to meet with your counselor to start the process. In the meantime, check out the campus website to learn more about how the PACE is different from a traditional high school setting.


  •  ...purchase a parking permit?

Visit the PHS Webstore to complete the process to get your parking permit. Present your receipt, valid driver's license and insurance card (insurance card must have your name listed as an insured driver) to the administration office to receive your parking tag.