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Student Support Counselor

Jermaine Dixon


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Jermaine Dixon, M.S. Counseling

Student Support Counselor

Vision:  To educate and equip our students with the resources and skills needed to work through life’s obstacles, on a path towards individual success.

A little bit about me:  I first became an educator because there were many adults who assisted me with my own journey, and I was inspired to do the same for others.  After receiving my bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, with a minor in Spanish, my career began in the classroom as high school math teacher.  I proudly taught for 10+ years before landing on-campus at the best middle school in the universe – Rogers Middle School – and serving as a Middle School Counselor for almost 11 years.  I learned a lot in my previous roles, and I look forward to gaining more knowledge about the students and staff at Pearland High School.  As Student Support Counselor, I will create and/or assist with programs that will increase the social & emotional well-being of students and staff, with access to preventative information, and by providing needed resources.  I will see students individually and in groups.  I will work closely with our AMAZING Counseling Department, Oiler Strong, and other campus organizations geared towards the awareness of mental health.

Outside of school, I enjoy spending times with my wife & kids, exercising, and engaging in a host of outdoor activities.

24/7 Crisis Hotline: 988

If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available. Call or text 988 or chat Veterans, press 1 when calling.

Virtual Calming Room

How to Start a Conversation about Mental Health

How to Start a Conversation about Mental Health (Espanol)

Local Mental Health Resources

The links below provide listings for Pearland-area counseling resources and additional online support:

Mental Health Video - Navigating PISD Resources - PHS iConnect Student Resources - Crisis Hotline Quick Reference Sheet

Parent Resources

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Free Monthly Webinar:

When Life Gets Hard: Parenting Through Trauma
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