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Class of 2024

Class of 2024





Christina Hernandez

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January 25th, 2024

Pearland High School  -  Code of Behavior  -  Class of 2024  -  Graduation Ceremony

1.       Graduation will be held at NRG Stadium on Friday May 24th, 2024. The ceremony is open to the public.

2.       Seniors will report to NRG Stadium, 2 Reliant Parkway, Houston, Texas 77054.

3.       Do not bring any valuables, including a purse, cell phone, etc. with you.

4.       Faculty will serve as monitors and sit with the senior class.

5.       Proper Dress:

  • Male students shall wear shirts with collars, long slacks, and closed shoes (no sandals/ flip flops/shower shoes). Ties are preferred and are strongly recommended. No jeans allowed.
  • Female students shall wear a dress or blouse with skirt/slacks and dress shoes. Only piercings in the ears are allowed. No jeans allowed.

6.       Any behavior by students, parents, or guests, which detracts from the graduation ceremony, will result in removal of offending parties from the premises. Offensive behavior includes, but not limited to, the following:

a.       Being under the influence of illegal or intoxicating substances.

b.       Decoration on cap or gown.

c.       Bringing contraband (noisemakers, inflatable objects, etc.) into the stadium.

d.       Disruption of the ceremony.

e.       Obscene gestures.

f.        Throwing objects from the audience.

7.       Disruptive students will be removed immediately by security, and their parents will be asked to join them at the end of the tunnel. Disruptive spectators will be escorted from the stadium by NRG security.

8.       All fees/fines paid, prior to graduation day in order to participate in the ceremony.

9.       This signed form has already been submitted into the Administration Office on campus by your student. (It was due October 27, 2023. Failure to return the form may impact your diploma order.)

Congrats Seniors
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